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 •  15, 19 & 28 July & 9, 18, 21 & 24 August 2006
Massenet · Cendrillon
Santa Fe Opera
  • I certainly do not wish to fault the excellent Santa Fe musicians or conductor Kenneth Montgomery, who gave the best possible reading of this music, making it lively and amusing most of the time, and hoping for loud audience laughter, to turn Massenet's sow's ears into silk purses, the rest of the time.

    Gerald Dugan, Opera West 23/08/06

  • Kenneth Montgomery conducted briskly but with a keen feel for Massenet's orchestral colors ...

    Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle 07/08/06

  • Whatever Gallic style this campy travesty could boast came from the lyrical elegance and transparency conductor Kenneth Montgomery enforced in the pit.

    John von Rhein, Chicago Tribune, 23/08/06

  • The production is led by veteran SFO conductor Kenneth Montgomery who can always be called upon for an intelligent yet vivid handling of the orchestra.

    D.S. Crafts, Albuquerque Journal, 17/07/06

  • Given how gloriously sung and magically played the performance under conductor Kenneth Montgomery was, and what a well-balanced mix of comedy and pathos director Laurent Pelly provided, it's hard to fathom that neglect -- especially when you can find someone like the truly magical Joyce DiDonato to take on the title role, and when you have such a vociferous and positive audience reception as this received.

    Craig Smith, The New Mexican, 17/07/06

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